Just My Luck is the title of a yaoi manga by Temari Matsumoto. It is one volume with three different one-shot stories and couples. The first is about a teacher and student relationship, the second a toymaker and an android, and the third a school nurse and a student. The manga is licensed in the United States by BLU, the Boys Love branch of TokyoPop, in October 2007.[1]


Carlo Santos, writing for Anime News Network enjoyed the "moments of comedy" and the drama in Asahi's backstory, but found the sex scenes superfluous and repetitive.[2] Leroy Douresseaux writing for Comic Book Bin praised Matsumoto's art, saying it "captures the yearning and longing of young love with ease and the explicit scenes with a modicum of decorum", recommending it for readers who are looking for something between "non-graphic" stories and "explicit" stories.[3] Ariadne Roberts, writing for Mania Entertainment, described it as "a little cheesy fluff", saying that she felt that the "explicit content" sticker on the front was unwarranted.[4]


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