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Just Me and My Dad is a Little Critter book by Mercer Mayer, second in the series after Just for You. The story takes place when Little Critter and his dad go camping in the woods. He and his dad have a few misfortunes during their trip like Little Critter having trouble setting up the tent and a bear taking their freshly caught fish away from them.

Animated special

Just Me and My Dad was adapted as an animated video in 1993. The 23-minute program was produced by Mercer Mayer for Perennial Pictures Film Corporation.[1] Differences in the adaptation included new characters like Little Sister and Bigpaw, the mother plays a little larger role than the book, and a scene where he and his dad almost crashed into a billboard. There were also two songs The World Goes 'Round and Bigpaw's Comin'. It has been released on Golden Book VHS, and Mercer Mayer has uploaded it on his official Little Critter website. It has yet to be officially released on DVD.

Interactive storybook

In 2000, Infogrames / Kidz Corner / GT Interactive released a computer CD-ROM of Just Me and My Dad for IBM PC and Macintosh. Many elements from this CD-ROM have been uploaded by Mercer Mayer on his official Little Critter website.


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