Johji Manabe (真鍋譲治 Manabe Jōji?) is a Japanese manga artist born 18 December 1964 in Japan.[1]

He is not to be confused with an animator of the same name (but written differently, 真鍋譲二), who worked mainly in the 1970s for Oh! Production: A Dog of Flanders, Genshi Shounen Ryû, Marco, Dokonjō Gaeru, King Arthur, Galaxy Express 999[2], Lupin the 3rd: Season 1, Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro, Future Boy Conan (episodes 8-17[3])...

Best known in the English-speaking world for Caravan Kidd, Outlanders and Capricorn, his later works are often pornographic in nature, though he was never exclusive to either adult or non-adult material.[citation needed]


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