The Joe Shuster Awards are given out annually for outstanding achievements in the creation of comic books, graphic novels and webcomics by Canadians, there are additional awards for Retailers and Publishers. The full name is the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards.

The Joe Shuster Awards were first handed out in April 2005. The awards are administered by the Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association, a not-for-profit organization formed in 2004 to work on the awards. The awards are named in honour of Joe Shuster (1914–1992), the Canadian-born co-creator of Superman.


The Joe Shuster Awards are comic book industry oriented awards that recognize the achievements of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The awards were initially committee-nominated, public-vote awards, but this was changed in 2008 to a committee-nominated, jury-selected model.

From 2005-7 the awards were presented on the same weekend as the Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon in Toronto, Canada. In 2008 the awards were not presented in conjunction with a comic book convention but on the same weekend as Book Expo Canada. In 2009 the awards were presented at the University of Toronto's Innis Town Hall the day before the Word on the Street Book and Magazine Festival. In 2010 the awards were once again presented at the University of Toronto's Innis Town Hall, on the same weekend as the Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event.

Although they were founded the same year, the Joe Shuster Awards have no connection with the Doug Wright Awards other than a similar desire to recognize the achievements of Canadians working on comic books and graphic novels.

In 2009, the three remaining public-vote categories went on hiatus and two new awards were added: 1. The Comics for Kids Award recognizes creators who have produced works which capture the attention and fascination of young readers, and help to create a passion for life-long reading. Works considered for this award are comic books and graphic novels by Canadian creators that are targeted at readers 14 and under. 2. The Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing honours Canadian comic book creators who self-published their work during the previous calendar year. The award includes a bursary of $500. In order to qualify you must be a citizen and current resident of Canada. Anyone who writes and illustrates a comic book of their own creation (includes creative teams) and publishes and sells that comic independently of any other publishing company and does not currently have said works distributed by a third party distributor may submit their publication for review. Format and content is at the discretion of the creators. Must include new content, not reprinted material from other sources (such as webcomics). There are no language restrictions for this award.

In January 2009, the Joe Shuster Awards website was converted to a blog format so as to be a resource for information on Canadian comic book retailers, publishers, self-publishers, webcomics and industry news.


Categories and winners of Joe Shuster Awards are as follows:

Outstanding Achievement

  • 2005 Dave Sim and Gerhard for completing Cerebus in 2004. Begun in 1977, this 300-issue series is a milestone in comic book publishing and is the longest running creator-owned comic book series.
  • 2006 Category on hiatus.
  • 2007 Category on hiatus.
  • 2008 David Watkins for using comic books as a teaching tool.
  • 2009 Category on hiatus
  • 2010 Category on hiatus

Outstanding Artist

Outstanding Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)

Outstanding Publisher

Outstanding Writer

Outstanding WebComic Creator/Creative Team

Outstanding Colourist

Outstanding Cover

Comics for Kids Award

Gene Day Award for Canadian Self-Publishing (New in 2009)

Voters Choice - Outstanding International Creator

Voters Choice - Favourite Creator (English Language)

Voters Choice - Favourite Creator (French Language)

Harry Kremer Retailer Award

Hall of Fame Inductees

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