Jo Chen (咎井淳) (born July 4, 1977) is a female comic book artist and writer most well known for her highly detailed painted comic book covers.


Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan and emigrated to the United States in late 1994. Working professionally in the Asian comic book industry since age fourteen, she burst suddenly onto the U.S. comic book scene with her art work for the Racer X mini-series, part of the Speed Racer series published by Wildstorm/D.C. Comics in 2000.

She quickly established herself producing interiors and covers for titles including Darkminds: Macropolis, Battle of the Planets, Robotech, Fight For Tomorrow, Taskmaster, The Demon, Thor, and (Batman &) Robin. Currently she is most well known to American comic readers as the cover artist of Runaways and Joss Whedon's current Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic published by Dark Horse Comics.

In other media, Chen has also produced packaging artwork for Microsoft's popular FABLE, FABLE: TLC and FABLE II RPGs, and done covers for PlayStation Magazine (a Final Fantasy cover for the January 2002 issue and a Tomb Raider cover for the February 2003 issue).

She is the younger sister of artist Christina Chen[1] and lives with her family outside of Washington, D.C.

Major works


Comic interiors include:

  • Racer X #1-3 (DC/Wildstorm, 2000). 3-issue miniseries.
  • Darkminds: Macropolis #1-4 (Dreamwave, 2002). By Jo Chen and Christina Chen.
  • Robotech: Love and War (DC/Wildstorm, 2003). Jo Chen drew "Little White Dragon", a back-up story included in every issue of the miniseries. Also drew a cover for the back-up story of #6.
  • Battle of the Planets / Witchblade (Top Cow). Jo Chen assists her sister Christina Chen in the pencils of this one-shot crossover. In her own words (in an interview in The Pulse, in 2002): "Christina is the lead artist and I am only assisting with some minor peripheral characters that pop up in a panel crowd scene."[2]
  • The Other Side of the Mirror volumes 1 & 2 (TokyoPop (English version), JPOP (Italian version), 2007–2008)
  • Speed Racer & Racer X: The Origins Collection trade paperback collection of DC/Wildstorm series (IDW Publishing, 2008)


Comic covers include:



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