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Jig-Ai is a pornogrind band from Prague, Czech Republic that assembled in 2004. Their music and lyrics are inspired by Guro, style of Hentai which is characterized by extremely violent images of anime characters, often female, being mutilated and tortured whilst in a pornographic setting.


In 2004, after Burák's old band broke up, he contacted Brain and Petrasek. They started with a nameless project. The band was put to hold after few rehearsals because of the lack of time. They restarted in autumn of 2005 when Stefy came to the band, replacing Petrasek on drums. They made 4 songs for a promo CD. In 2006 they recorded their first, self-titled, album under Bizarre Leprous Production. After the release they gave concerts in Czech and in many other European countries and Grind Invasion Tour in Germany. In 2007 they prepared for the new album and gave Grind Tour De Pologne tour in Poland along with other concerts. In April 2008 they were a part in Russian minitour with Katalepsy, and also released the second full-length album, Katana Orgy.

Band members

Current members

  • Brain (Mozek) - Vocals, Guitar − Vocals, guitars (2004−present)
  • Burák - Bass (2004−present)
  • Štefy - Drums (2005−present)

Former members

  • Petrasek - Drums (2004)



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