Jeremy Mauney (born September 19, 1982) is an American writer/illustrator/graphic designer who is most noted for his work as an assistant illustrator in Tokyo, Japan for the Japanese serial comic (manga) Fist of the Blue Sky, from 2005–2006.

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Jeremy Mauney was born in Lexington, KY where he grew up on a horse farm. In early 2005, he moved to Tokyo, Japan in pursuit of a career in art/design.

In 2005, Jeremy became the first American to ever work in Japan as a full-time assistant illustrator on a popular Japanese manga.

His illustration contributions to Fist of the Blue Sky / Fist of the North Star manga also include later volumes of the full color Fist of the North Star: Master Edition and Japanese cell-phone (keitai) versions of Fist of the North Star. Jeremy Mauney was hired by Tetsuo Hara in person only two days after Jeremy arrived in Tokyo. He was then personally trained by Tetsuo Hara and his staff for several months before contributing heavily to Fist of the Blue Sky. Jeremy worked and contributed to the manga series from 2005–2006 which included Fist of the Blue Sky volumes 13, 14 and 15.

Jeremy is also the writer/creator of an upcoming project called Black Forest of the Sleeping Giant, which is in collaboration with The Spectacular Spider-Man and Gun Fu artist Joey Mason.

After spending nearly three years living and working in Tokyo, Jeremy moved back to his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky where he is currently writing 'Black Forest of the Sleeping Giant', working on projects for his freelance design company, Gojera Designs, traveling around to various comic and anime conventions in the USA, as well as writing and illustrating a new comic/manga called Jeremy, Japan and the Giant Monsters.


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