Japanese Women Don't Get Old Or Fat is a book written by Naomi Moriyama and co-written by her husband William Doyle.

First it tells briefly about how an obesity epidemic is taking over, and goes into detail about the facts on how Japanese people have the lowest rates of obesity in the developed world,[1] the longest life expectancies of any country in the world,[1] and low rates of heart disease. (It does not mention that suicide in Japan has been the highest among OECD countries.)

The book also teaches home-style Japanese cuisine, and provides information about essential everyday ingredients in a typical Japanese home, along with recipes. Naomi Moriyama also states how Japanese women have, in general, a healthy outlook on food.

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Moriyama, Naomi; William Doyle (2005). Japanese Women Don't Get Old Or Fat. Delacorte Press. p. 288. ISBN 0385339976. Retrieved 2010-04-22.  Cite uses deprecated parameter |coauthors= (help)

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