The Japan Media Arts Festival is an annual festival held by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs since 1997.

During the festival, awards are given in four categories: Art (formerly called Non-Interactive Digital Art), Entertainment (formerly called Interactive Art; including video games and websites), Animation, and Manga. Within each category, one Grand Prize, four Excellence Prizes, and (since 2002) one Encouragement Prize are awarded. These are sometimes also called Japan Media Arts Awards.

Non-Interactive Digital Art Awards

Year Grand Prize Excellence Prizes Encouragement Prize
1997 (1st)[1] "Soul Blade" Opening Movie
  • Scene#97 -Generated After-
  • Daisuki Me
  • SMAP×SMAP Special Effects in the Tribute Songs
  • hana
1998 (2nd)[2] Tokitama Hustle (CG moving picture)
  • REMtv (CG moving picture)
  • Garahina (CG moving picture)
  • Silent Hill (CG moving picture)
  • Within the Cry of the Red Night (CG moving picture)
1999 (3rd)[3] The Diverting History of Mechanical Fellows (CG still picture, solid)
  • Tall Small Stories (CG moving picture)
  • Revelation Lugia (CG moving picture)
  • Tekkon Kinkreet (CG moving picture)
  • Tatsumi HIYAMA3EXHIBITION (CG still image)
2000 (4th)[4] 1 (CG moving picture)
  • Csoda Pok (wonder spider) (CG moving picture)
  • Garden of the metal (CG moving picture)
  • Avalon (movie/CG moving picture)
  • The nostalgic 21st century (CG moving picture)
2001 (5th)[5] Anjyu (CG moving picture)
  • Insanity (CG still picture)
  • After Image (CG still picture)
  • FADE into WHITE #3 (CG moving picture)
  • Beauty Kit (CG moving picture)
2002 (6th)[6] TextArc print:Alice's Adventure in Wonderland (CG still picture)
  • I AGAINST I (CG still picture)
  • Prize Re-typo “E”“A”“R”“N” (CG still picture)
  • Justice Runners(CG moving picture)
  • Mustafrog and NINJA bunny (CG moving picture)
FISHER MAN (CG moving picture)

Art awards

Year Grand Prize Excellence Prizes Encouragement Prize
2003 (1st)[7] Digital Gadgets #6,8,9 (interactive art)
  • Panorama Ball & Zerograph -Another story of media evolution (still image)
  • three (web)
  • E-BABY (moving picture CG)
  • Venus Villosa (installation)
Tracks of Blue
2004 (2nd)[8] 3 minutes2 (installation)
  • Sky Ear (interactive art)
  • GLOBAL BEARING (interactive art)
  • OÏO (visual image)
  • z reactor (visual image)
life-size (still image)
2005 (3rd)[9] Khronos Projector (interactive)
  • The Six String Sonics (interactive)
  • Spyglass (installation)
  • Gate vision (visual image)
  • Anima (visual image)
Conspiratio (interactive)
2006 (4th)[10] Imaginary・Numbers 2006 (installation)
  • ×man vibration (interactive art)
  • OLE Coordinate System (interactive art)
  • front (installation)
  • MediaFlies (installation)
Sagrada Familia Project (still image)
2007 (5th)[11] nijuman no borei (200000 phantoms) (visual image)
  • Se Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me) (interactive art)
  • BYU-BYU-View (interactive art)
  • "Camera Lucida: Sonochemical Observatory" (installation)
  • ISSEY MIYAKE A-POC INSIDE. (visual image)
Super Smile (visual image)
2008 (6th)[12] Oups! (installation)
  • Touched Echo (interactive)
  • Touch the Invisibles (interactive)
  • Moment-performative wandering (visual image)
  • OUTSIDE (still image)
insider||outsider (installation)
2009 (7th)[13] Growth Modeling Device (Installation)
  • Mr. Lee Experiment (Interactive)
  • Nemo Observatorium (Installation)
  • SEKILALA (Visual Image)
  • Braun Tube Jazz Band (Performance)
F - Void Sample (Installation)

Entertainment/Interactive Art awards

Year Grand Prize Excellence Prizes Encouragement Prize
1997 (1st)[1] Kage n/a
1998 (2nd)[2] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time n/a
1999 (3rd)[3] AIBO, model ERS-110 n/a
2000 (4th)[4] Dragon Warrior VII
  • Shenmue
  • Stand-up Comedy Simulation
  • Vectrial Elevation, Relational Architectecture
  • Forest of Thoughts
2001 (5th)[5] Protrude, Flow
  • Pikmin
  • Floating Eye
  • Contact Water
  • J-PHONE Sky Pavilion
2002 (6th)[6] Social Mobiles
  • CamCamtime
  • Course
  • type R
  • His Master's Voice
Youkai Yamiwarashi
2003 (7th)[7] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles atMOS: Self-Packaging Movie
2004 (8th)[8] WarioWare: Twisted! Cherry-Clouds
2005 (9th)[9] Flipbook!, Khronos Projector
  • Nintendogs
  • Hifana "Wamono"
  • Mitsui Fudosan Shibaura Island 3LDK Image Movie
  • Vodafone Design File
Incompatible Block
2006 (10th)[10] Ōkami Amagatana
2007 (11th)[11] Wii Sports The moon princess being smelled by ~ Japanese old tales remix ~ (picture book)
2008 (12th)[12] Tenori-On (electronic musical instrument)
  • Wii Fit
  • Exhibition Transform Yourself (exhibition)
  • Carbon Footprint (visual image)
  • FONTPARK 2.0
Gyorol (web)
2009 (13th)[13] Hibi No Neiro (Tone of Everyday)
  • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
  • DENKI GROOVE / Fake it !
  • scoreLight

Animation awards

Year Grand Prize Excellence Prizes Encouragement Prize
1997 (1st)[1] Princess Mononoke n/a
1998 (2nd)[2] Glassy Ocean n/a
1999 (3rd)[3] The Old Man and the Sea n/a
2000 (4th)[4] Blood: The Last Vampire n/a
2001 (5th)[5] Spirited Away and Millennium Actress (tie) n/a
2002 (6th)[6] Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi o Yobu Appare! Sengoku Dai Kassen The Evening Traveling
2003 (7th)[7] Winter Days Hoshi no Ko
2004 (8th)[8] Mind Game Dream
2005 (9th)[9] Flow Seasons
2006 (10th)[10] The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  • Bloomed Words
  • A Country Between the World
  • My Love
  • Pike Pika
La grua y la jirafa
2007 (11th)[11] Summer days with Coo Ushi-nichi
2008 (12th)[12] La Maison en Petits Cubes
  • Dreams
  • Kaiba
  • Kudan
  • A Child's Metaphysics'
2009 (13th)[13] Summer Wars ANIMAL DANCE

Manga awards

Year Grand Prize Excellence Prizes Encouragement Prize
1997 (1st)[1] The Manga classics of Japan (32 volumes) n/a
1998 (2nd)[2] Sakamoto Ryōma, Hiroshi Kurogane n/a
1999 (3rd)[3] I'm home, Kei Ishizaka n/a
2000 (4th)[4] Vagabond, Takehiko Inoue (art) and Eiji Yoshikawa (original story) n/a
2001 (5th)[5] F-shiteki nichijō, Yōji Fukuyama n/a
2002 (6th)[6] Sexy Voice and Robo, Iō Kuroda Naze Hakase wa okotte iru no ka, Isao Ikegaya
2003 (7th)[7] Kajimunugatai: Kaze ga kataru Okinawa-sen, Susumu Higa Junkissa Nokoribi, Tai Itō
2004 (8th)[8] Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms, Fumiyo Kōno Shōwa nijūnen no edekami, shi no Hachigatsu jūgojitsu, Watashi no Hachigatsu Jugonichi Association
2005 (9th)[9] Disappearance Diary, Hideo Azuma E-Cartoon , Yoshio Nakae
2006 (10th)[10] A Spirit of the Sun, Kaiji Kawaguchi Shiritori, Kazuko Chikuhama (story) and Kenichi Chikuhama (art)
2007 (11th)[11] Mori no Asagao, Mamora Gōda Tenken-sai, Yumiko Shirai
2008 (12th)[12] Piano no Mori, Makoto Isshiki Cartoon 2008, Masafumi Kikuchi
2009 (13th)[13] Vinland Saga, Makoto Yukimura
  • Imuri, Ranjyo Miyake
  • Children of the Sea, Daisuke Igarashi
  • Konosekai no katasumi ni, Fumiyo Kouno
  • Hyouge Mono, Yoshihiro Yamada
Hesheit Aqua, Wisut Ponnimit


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