James Kyson Lee (born December 13, 1975) is a Korean-born American actor best known for his role of Ando Masahashi on the NBC television series Heroes.

Early life

Kyson-Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. Kyson-Lee moved with his family to New York City at the age of 10, where he later attended the Bronx High School of Science. He studied communications at Boston University and the New England Institute of Art.

Acting career

In the summer of 2001, he moved to Los Angeles. There he began training in jazz singing, musical theater, and acting.

He performed improv with L.A. based Asian-American improv troupe 'Room To Improv', and studied comedy at The Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade, and i.O. West in Los Angeles.

In his first-ever television audition, he landed a guest-starring role on the CBS television drama JAG. His most famous role is that of Ando Masahashi on the NBC drama series Heroes. A recurring character in the first season, he was upgraded to the main cast for the second.

Kyson-Lee also appeared in the CSI episode "Say Uncle".


Other activities

James dubbed his voice over the actor for Shang Tsung in the video game: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

Kyson-Lee represented the Rest of the world team in 2010 Soccer Aid,[1] a British charity soccer match in aid of UNICEF. During which he attempted to take a corner kick in the manner of a throw in. The Rest of the World team defeated their opponents England after a penalty shoot-out.


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