JAST USA is a licensor and distributor of English-language bishōjo games, some of which are as dating sims or eroge. It was founded in 1997 with Sakura Soft's Season of the Sakura and JAST's Three Sisters' Story as its first eroge titles.[1] It is part of the J-List/Peach Princess/G-Collections group of companies, owned by Peter Payne.[2] JAST USA is considered to be the primary company releasing bishōjo games in English.

Games published

The "JAST USA Memorial Collection"

The "Milky House Memorial Collection"

Other games

(Other English-translated bishōjo games are distributed by JAST USA, such as all games by G-Collections, Peach Princess, Hirameki International, etc.)


  2. James Jursudakul, "AX 2006: Interview w/ Peter Payne, Head of Peach Princess", Advanced Media Network, July 4, 2006.

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