Is He Turning Japanese?, known in Japan as Darling wa Gaikokujin (ダーリンは外国人 Dārin wa Gaikokujin?, literally "My Darling is a Foreigner") is a manga series written by Saori Oguri. The English subtitle of the Japanese editions of the first two entries is "My darling is ambidextrous."

The books are published by Media Factory, Incorporated in Japan and Digital Manga Publishing in North America.

The series is about Oguri's relationship with Tony László, an American writer of half-Hungarian half-Italian descent who lives in Tokyo.


Yuki Allyson Honjo, reviewer for JapanReview.Net, posted a positive review for Darling wa Gaikokujin, the original Japanese work.[1]

Film version

Mao Inoue and Jonathan Sherr star in the film version set for release in Japan in April 2010.[2]


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