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Iron Wok Jan (鉄鍋のジャン Tetsunabe no Jan!?) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Shinji Saijyo. The manga was licensed in English by ComicsOne before the license was transferred to DrMaster.[1] The manga is licensed in French by Soleil Manga.[2]

Its sequel, Iron Wok Jan! R: The Summit Operations (鉄鍋のジャン!R 頂上作戦 Tetsunabe no Jan! R: Choujou Sakusen?) is also released in Japan by Akita Shoten[3] and in France by Soleil Manga.[2]


Akiyama family

  • Jan Akiyama (秋山 醤 Akiyama Jan?) is a 16-year-old talented young chef and the male protagonist of the manga. His grandfather is Kaiichiro Akiyama, the “master of Chinese cuisine”.
  • Kaiichiro Akiyama (秋山 階一郎?) is known as the “master of Chinese cuisine”.
  • Minki Tou (桃 明輝 Tou Minki?) is Jan's grandmother and Kaiichiro's wife.
  • Baku Akiyama (秋山 爆 Akiyama Baku?) is Jan's father and Kaiichiro's son.

Gobanchou family

  • Kiriko Gobanchou (五番町 霧子 Gobanchou Kiriko?) is one of the best cooks in Gobanchou, her family's Chinese restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. She is the same age as Jan.
  • Takao Okonogi (小此木 タカオ Okonogi Takao?)
  • Mutsuju Gobanchou (五番町 睦十 Gobanchou Mutsuju?)


Akita Shoten released the 27 bound volumes manga between June 1995 and March 2000.[4][5] The manga was re-released into 16 kanzenban volumes between December 2004 and September 2007.[6][7]

Akita Shoten started releasing the sequel, Iron Wok Jan! R: The Summit Operations, from March 8, 2007.[3]

ComicsOne published the manga's 27 bound volumes between December 15, 2002 and December 28, 2007.[8][9]


Comics Worth Reading's Johanna Draper Carlson comments on the illustrator's use of caricatures to dramatise the manga.[10] Manga Life's Michael Aronson commends the manga for its art and its ability to appeal to audiences.[11]'s Ridwan Khan comments on the "love-hate relationship" between Jan and Kiriko.[12] IGN's A.E. Sparrow comments on the artist's ability to make a cooking competition as compelling to watch "as watching two feudal clans go to war".[13]


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