Dog Gundam (犬ガンダム Inu Gandamu?) is a Japanese manga by Naoki Karasawa, which was serialized in the magazine Monthly Gundam Ace. It is a parody of Sunrise's anime Mobile Suit Gundam where all the characters are turned into dogs. There are two volumes in total (Earth arc and Space arc). Also, its name "Inu" comes from the japanese word for "dog"



Earth Federation

Amuro-ken Rei (Shiba mix)
Bright-ken Noa (Bullterrier)
Kai-ken Shiden (Kai)
Hayato-ken Kobayashi (Kishu)
Flow-ken Bow (
Mirai-ken Hayashi (Shikoku)
General ? (Giant Schnauzer)
Matilda-ken (German Shepherd mix)
? (Borzoi)
Sleggar Loe (Border Collie)
? (Beagle mix)
Tamura-ken (Dalmatian)
Katsu-ke, Retsu-ken, Kikka-ken

The Zabi Family

Guirren Zabi (Chihuahua)
Kicillia Zabi (Chihuahua)
Dozzle Zabi (Chihuahua)
Garma Zabi (Chihuahua)
Degin Sodo Zabi (Chihuahua)
Zena (Saint Bernard)
Mineva Zabi (Chihuahua/Saint Bernard mix)

Principality of Zeon

Char-ken Aznable (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Ramba Ral-ken (Jack Russel Terrier)
Kraule Hamon-ken (Pinscher mix)
Ma Kube-ken (Miniature Dachshund)
The Three Black Stars (Pomeranians)
Gaia, Mash, and Ortega.
Kon Scon-ken (Bulldog)
Jim-ken and Jean-ken
? (Maltese)

Mobile Suits

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