Inma no Ranbu (淫魔の乱舞 Inma no Ranbu?, lit. Boisterous Dance of the Lust Demon) is a hentai manga anthology by Kiyohiko Azuma under the pseudonym Joji Jonokuchi (序ノ口譲二 Jonokuchi Jōji?), a name he used only when publishing H manga. It was published by Shobunkan in 1997. Azuma drew the hentai only when he was obscure. Although he drew two more H episodes for Comic Princess Thief, they have never been re-published.

Selected works

You are protected (あなたを守ります Anata wo mamori masu?)
A swordswoman is hired to rescue girls kidnapped by the lust demon.
Swordswoman Miyu - Matchmaking Monster (女剣士ミユ 縁結びモンスター Onna kenshi miyu - Enmusubi Monster?)
Miyu the swordswoman and Nabble the wizard have to exterminate three monsters as a graduation subject for the adventurers' academy.
Swordswoman Miyu - In the Middle of the Journey (女剣士ミユ 旅の途中で Onna kenshi Miyu - Tabi no tochū de?)
In the middle of the journey, Miyu and Nabble take a night's stay at an inn in a small town, but the innkeeper poisons their supper.
Even If We Are Poor... (貧乏でも… Binbō demo?)
Two adventurer girls are hired by a millionaire lady to discover a magic item. But one girl becomes fascinated with it.
Dilemma Owing to Making an Evil Spirit Leave (退魔でジレンマ Taima de dilenma?)
An evil spirit possesses a man to rape girls. Nanami the purifier and her assistant Takehiro try to exterminate it.
Shiori's Logbook (詩織ちゃん航海日誌 Shiori chan kōkai nisshi?)
A curious parcel is delivered to the spaceship of Shiori the space-policewoman. Inside there is an android.
Private Teacher Nami - You Do Your Best (家庭教師菜美 がんばって Katei kyōshi Nami - Ganbatte?)
Shinya is an ordinary junior highschool boy. One day, his private teacher Nami notices him gazing at her.
Private Teacher Nami - You Do Your Best More (家庭教師菜美 もっとがんばって Katei kyōshi Nami - Motto Ganbatte?)
In spite of Nami's "eager" coaching, Shinya's grade slips this term. So, Nami decides to give him an obscene penalty.
Welcome! Sugawara-san (ようこそ菅原さん Yōkoso Sugawara-san?)
A lazy university student Aki hears a wonderful method to pass an exam. The first step is summoning a "God of Wisdom", so, Aki summons "Sugawara-san".[1]


  1. Sugawara no Michizane(菅原道真) is respected as a "God of Wisdom" among the Japanese.

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