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Imōto Jiru (妹汁?, lit. Younger Sister Juice) is a hentai visual novel computer game that was released by Atelier Kaguya on December 13, 2002.[1] The series is related to Anejiru The Animation. The Windows Vista edition was released by Atelier Kaguya on March 30, 2008.[2][3]

The game was adapted into a 2-episode Japanese hentai original video animation series produced by Milky. Directed by Mamito Tayama, the anime was broadcast on Milky between November 25, 2003 and March 25, 2004.[4][5]


  • Akira Kohinata (小日向 晶 Kohinata Akira?) is the protagonist of the series. He is the stepbrother of the sisters. Voiced by: Yuuki Nana
  • Yuki Kohinata (小日向 結希 Kohinata Yuki?) is the eldest sister. Blood type: A. Height: 4'11½". BWH: 30-21½-31. Voiced by: Hiroka Nishizawa
  • Miu Kohinata (小日向 未卯 Kohinata Miu?) is the second-eldest sister. She has a docile nature. Blood type: A. Height: 4'9½". BWH: 29-19½-31. Voiced by: Rie Kanda
  • Nana Kohinata (小日向 菜々 Kohinata Nana?) is the third-eldest sister. She is usually seen going to bed hugging a stuffed platypus. Blood type: B. Height: 4'10". BWH: 27½-20-28. Voiced by: Chiro Kanzaki
  • Yukie Kohinata (小日向 幸恵 Kohinata Yukie?) is the mother of the three sisters. Height: 5'4". BWH: 35½-23-34½. Voiced by: Kaname Yuzuki
  • Azusa Sutō (須藤 梓 Sutō Azusa?) is Yuki's friend and tennis teammate. Blood type: B. Height: 4'11". BWH: 31½-21-30. Voiced by: Kanzaki Chihiro


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