Ikki Kajiwara (梶原一騎 Kajiwara Ikki?, September 4, 1936–January 21, 1987) was a Japanese author, manga writer (not artist), and film producer, also known under the pseudonym Asao Takamori (高森朝雄 Takamori Asao?). His real name is Asaki Takamori (高森朝樹 Takamori Asaki?). The pseudonym was used since he was writing for a rival magazine at the time. Having multiple names would not allow overlaps by the two magazines.[1] He is known for fighting and sports themes, with images of heroic young men with the occasional fine details as he moves from one topic to another. He was married to Pai Ping-ping and fathered a daughter, Pai Hsiao-yen.



All listings are as Ikki Kajiwara unless otherwise specified.


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Bakuman manga by Ohba Tsugumi, chapter 5, page 16-17

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