Good Person. (いいひと。 Ii Hito.?) is a Japanese manga by Shin Takahashi published by Shogakukan in the magazine Big Comic Spirits. The series was collected in 26 volumes. It was also adapted as an 11-episode television drama.[1]


This is a tale of Yūji Kitano, a cheerful and energetic college graduate, the unbounded "good person", and many people touched by his existence.

In long comics, the work which takes the composition that a person called the central character of each episode unit exists, and the hero of the whole volume has become the supporting actor-existence within these episode is not new. However, according to Takahashi who is the author, it is after the time of hardening orientation of this work what such composition was taken positively, i.e., the hero for every episode was set up and Yuji, who must be the hero of the whole volume was positioned for as a "medium." In addition, having attached the period to the title "good person" is based on an intention of the author who says the title does not point out Yuji as an individual but appeal to every character. Each episode subtitle originates in an artist's music name, an album name, etc. in many cases generally.


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