"Ichirin no Hana" (一輪の花?) is a single released by High and Mighty Color on January 11, 2006.


"Ichirin no Hana" is the band's sixth single. It retained number two in the Oricon charts for most of the week of its release, making it the group's biggest hit since "Over", and even surpassed that single in sales. It is a rock song, blended with some rapping from Yūsuke. "Ichirin no Hana" was used as the third opening theme for the anime adaption of Bleach and was certified gold for shipments of over 100,000 by the RIAJ in January 2006. The title of the song is translated to English as "a single flower"[1]

Track list

  1. "Ichirin no Hana" – 3:40
  2. "Warped Reflection" – 4:07
  3. "Ichirin no Hana ~Huge Hollow Mix~" (remixed by DT of NATM3) – 4:37
  4. "Ichirin no Hana (Less Vocal Track)" – 3:40
All songs written by High and Mighty Color.


  • Hide2 (Norishrocks) – creative & art direction
  • Tsousie (Jetrock Graphics) – art direction & design
  • Ryuichi Tamura (Norishrocks) – co-art design
  • Rocca Works – costume
  • Eiji Tanaki (D&N Planning) – styling
  • Keiko Nakatani (Mingle) – hair and make-up
  • Atsushi Otaki (Ad Force), Masahiro Aoki (D&N Planning), Noriko Yamashita (SMC) & Kaori"Kacch" Nagai (Norishrocks) – products coordination

TV Performances

  • January 13, 2006 - Music Fighter
  • January 14, 2006 - CDTV
  • January 20, 2006 - Music Station
  • January 27, 2006 - PopJam
  • January 28, 2006 - Melodix!


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak position Sales Chart run
January 11, 2006 Oricon Daily Singles Chart #2
January 11, 2006 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart #2 84,562 25 weeks+
January 11, 2006 Oricon Yearly Singles Chart


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