Ichigo Channel (苺チャンネル?) is a Japanese shōjo manga series created by Mimi Tajima.


Ichiko was never interested in TV. Then one day she is held hostage at her local store by a robber and he inappropriately touches her. She reacts by hitting him, knocking off his hat only to discover that it is actually the rising star, Kanazaki, unaware she had accidentally run into the middle of a scene being filmed. Almost instantly he takes a liking to her and even tries to kiss her during their brief encounter. However Kanazaki is not the only one who had their eye on her that day. She is also spotted by a manager of an idol company, Tendou and he wants her and her younger brother Ken to become part of the new boy band TRIJET. The only problem is that Ichiko is a girl, but due to her brothers obsession with becoming a celebrity she reluctantly accepts it and joins the boy band. Then things turn bad when on the day of filming the TRIJET advert she is introduced to the third and final member of their band and it turns out to be Kanazaki. Luckily he doesn't recognise her dressed as a boy, but he instantly takes a disliking to the male Ichiko and due to her deal with Tendou she can't even tell him that she is actually the girl that he tried to kiss.


  • Ichiko Morisata (a.k.a. Number 1 in TRIJET, Ichigo)
Ichiko is the only female in TRIJET, known as Number 1, disguised as a boy. She has fallen in love in Tooru under the name Ichigo(strawberry) but has to keep her secret about her true identity.
  • Ken Morisata(a.k.a Number 2 in TRIJET)
Ken is Ichiko's brother and one of the members in TRIJET, known as Number 2. He can be little selfish and careless sometimes, but he really cares about his sister.
  • Tooru Kanazaki
Tooru is one of the members in TRIJET and is a very famous popstar. He seems like a cold type who doesn't want to talk to anyone, but he has fallen in love with Ichigo.
  • Sousuke Miyauchi
A singer who plays the guitar and apparently likes "Ichigo".
  • Tendou Hitoshi
Tendou is the manager of TRIJET and was the one who wanted to form the band. He likes being sarcastic, critical, and irresponsible sometimes, but he really cares about the band. He sometimes can be like Ichiko's mentor and cares about her feelings and health.


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