House of Five Leaves (さらい屋五葉 Sarai-ya Goyou?) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Natsume Ono and serialized in Shogakukan's seinen magazine Ikki. The series began in 2006, and has been collected into 7 volumes so far by publisher Shogakukan. The manga was licensed for distribution in North America by Viz Media.

The manga series was adapted into a twelve-episode anime television series by Manglobe. The anime aired in the noitaminA timeslot on FujiTV. The anime has been licensed by FUNimation as a part of their deal with Fuji TV that allows them to simulcast series from the noitaminA block. This agreement allows FUNimation to show the anime on their website at the same time it airs in Japan, and then at later times on the same day on both Hulu and YouTube.


Rōnin Akitsu Masanosuke is a skilled swordsman, but his personality often causes him to be let go from his job. One day he encounters Yaichi, the leader of a group calling itself "Five Leaves" and takes a job from him as a bodyguard. Though he is worried about the intentions of the group, he feels there is something more to the group and agrees to work with them.


Akitsu Masanosuke (秋津政之助 Masanosuke Akitsu?)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa
A skilled swordsman. He is very shy and despite his incredible talent, he is often fired. He works with Fives Leaves after Yaichi hired him as a bodyguard being unware of the groups illegal activities. He admirers parts of Yaichi carefree personality and continued to work with Five Leaves in hopes of learning more from him.
Yaichi (弥一?)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
The charismatic leader of the "Five Leaves." A mysterious person, ceases to tell about his own past and lives in a local brothel, protecting the women working in there. Distinguishable by his light colored hair. He is often smoking a pipe.
Voiced by: Yuya Uchida
Once a lone robber he is now a member of Five Leaves as a spy and gathers information about their targets. He creates hair ornaments as a business to generate money outside of the Five Leaves gang.
Voiced by: Masaya Takatsuka
Owner of a tavern where the members of Five Leaves meet and discuss their plans.
Otake (おたけ?)
Voiced by: Fuyuka Ooura
Otake used to work in a brothel until Yaichi piad her way out. She then began working with Yaichi and formed Five Leaves, which she also named.



Written and illustrated by Natsume Ono, House of Five Leaves is serialized in Japan in Ikki magazine by Shogakukan. The series will be ending in the September issue of the magazine, which is to be released on July 24, 2010.[1] The series is published in North America by Viz Media as part of their Ikki imprint.[2] The series is released online on their Sigikki site and then published in book format. It is also licensed in Taiwan by Taiwan Tohan Co[3] and in France by Kana.[4]

Volume listing

<tr ><th rowspan="2" style="width: 4%;">No.</th><th colspan="2">Japan</th><th colspan="2">North America</th></th></tr><tr style="border-bottom: 3px solid #CCF"><th style="width: 24%;">Release date</th><th style="width: 24%;">ISBN</th><th style="width: 24%;">Release date</th><th style="width: 24%;">ISBN</th></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol1">1</td></td><td> July 28, 2006[5]</td><td>ISBN 4091883265</td><td>September 21, 2010[6]</td><td>ISBN 1-4215-3210-7</td></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol2">2</td></td><td> February 28, 2007[7]</td><td>ISBN 9784091883520</td><td>December 21, 2010[8]</td><td>ISBN 1-4215-3211-5</td></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol3">3</td></td><td> August 30, 2007[9]</td><td>ISBN 9784091883704</td><td>TBA</td><td>—</td></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol4">4</td></td><td> April 26, 2008[10]</td><td>ISBN 9784091884152</td><td>TBA</td><td>—</td></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol5">5</td></td><td> November 28, 2008[11]</td><td>ISBN 9784091884282</td><td>TBA</td><td>—</td></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol6">6</td></td><td> April 30, 2009[12]</td><td>ISBN 9784091884640</td><td>TBA</td><td>—</td></tr> <tr style="text-align: center;"><td id="vol7">7</td></td><td> February 25, 2010[13]</td><td>ISBN 9784091884992</td><td>TBA</td><td>—</td></tr> </table>


The anime series of House of Five Leaves was produced by Manglobe and directed by Tomomi Mochizuki, and aired on the noitaminA time slot on Fuji TV.[14] The series began on April 15, 2010, and ran for 12 episodes.[15] On April 16 Kouji Yamamoto, the Editor-in-Chief and script writer for the series, apologized to the staff via his twitter account for the low rating for the first episode.[16] The episode's TV rating in Japan was 1.5%, a third of what many series in the noitaminA timeslot earn.[17]

The anime has been licensed by FUNimation as a part of their deal with Fuji TV that allows them to simulcast series from the noitaminA block. This agreement allows FUNimation to show the anime on their website at the same time it airs in Japan, and then at later times on the same day on both Hulu and YouTube.[18][19]

Episode list

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# Title Airdate
01 In Name Only
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
April 15, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Masterless samurai Masanosuke Akitsu' life is changed after a chance encounter with Yaichi, who offers the timid swordsman a bodyguard job and invites him into the mysterious world of the Five Leaves.
02 Make Love to Me
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
April 22, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Masanosuke begins to grow more comfortable within the world of the Five Leaves, but despite his efforts to learn more about Yaichi, the gang leader remains a riddle.
03 Gradually Get Him Involved
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
April 29, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Thanks to Yaichi, Masanosuke's found a job as a bodyguard at a rice wholesaler. The work is steady and the samurai hopes to keep the position for a long time - but the situation might be too good to be true.
04 Sure Does Get Carried Away
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
May 6, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Masanosuke gets hired as a bodyguard at the brothel where Yaichi lives. If he can keep from getting fired, he'll be able to send his family some money - and maybe learn more about the elusive leader of the Five Leaves.
05 It'll Be Fine
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
May 13, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Masanosuke recuperates from an illness at the Elder's house, where he is encouraged to leave the world of the Five Leaves behind. The samurai also learns the reasons behind Umezo's involvement with the gang.
06 Consider Yourself Fortunate
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
May 20, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Masanosuke's still healing at the Elder's house, and while Umezo occasionally visits to check up on him, Yaichi remains reluctant to make an appearance. Meanwhile, Denshichi investigates the source of Senkichi's funds.
07 Thoughtless of Me
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
May 27, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Masanosuke's back in Edo after recovering from his recent illness, but the samurai finds he still has problems when a tough adversary from the past challenges him to a new face-off.
08 Deeply Indebted to Two People
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
June 3, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When Matsukichi hears that Kiku-ya's owner is having problems, his decision to try and help out results in even bigger troubles. Masanosuke and Umezo's growing concerns lead them to investigate.
09 Come to Rescue You
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
June 10, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Masanosuke sets out to rescue Matsukichi and settle the matter of the stolen wooden tags. Meanwhile, Sachi, Masanosuke's little sister, is on a mission of her own after running away from home.
10 A Dirty Stray Cat
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
June 17, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yaichi's strange behavior is becoming a concern for people at Katsura-ya. Meanwhile, Masanosuke learns more about Yagi's past following a graveside visit.
11 Pardon Me
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
June 24, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Masanosuke begins to understand what motivates Yaichi to keep kidnapping, even when the rest of the gang sees no need. Hoping to learn more of Yaichi's past, Masanosuke visits Elder.
12 Already Wasted
"{{{RomajiTitle}}}" ({{{KanjiTitle}}})
July 1, 2010 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Yaichi joins Yagi for a drink, where they reminisce about the past and old friends. Later, tensions escalate after a confrontation between Jin and Yaichi leads to a confession about the kidnapping.


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