Hot Tails (ジャンクション Jankushon?, lit. Junction) is an erotic manga series by Toshiki Yui.


Derek Guder, writing about Hot Tails, described Yui as "an adult manga king", enjoying his unique "mix of sex, humor, and bizarre imagination. He simply lets his id run wild, and we stories that are as surreal as they are sexual". Guder found the artwork of Hot Tails "still a bit unpolished and busy in these older stories, but his style is undeniable. The art is gorgeous, the ladies are sexy, and the premises too bizarre not to enjoy", giving it a rating of four out of four stars.[2] Yui's Hot Tails has been called the best known exponent of the futanari genre in the West.[3] Yui's earlier work, Wingding Party, was translated into English as Wingding Orgy: Hot Tails Extreme due to the popularity of Hot Tails, despite there being no connection between the two series.[2]

Trisha L. Sebastian, writing for Sequential Tart, liked Hot Tails because she found it "funny as well as being sexy", and enjoyed Yui's use of recurring characters.[4] animePRO noted that the variety of sexual situations did not extend to male-male intercourse, and found it "amazing" that the futanari's penis was able to "rotate 180 degrees and they could satisfy themselves", summing it up as "the main thing is that it's fun, all without, of course, prevention".[5]


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