Honey Bunny! (ハニバニ!?) is a 2 volume shōjo manga by Ryo Ikuemi.


Chiyo Uno has had a crush on Shin Tsubaki since her freshman year. But now that she's in the same class as him, she discovers what a jerk he actually is. Chiyo wishes he would just go away - and her wish is granted: an alien takes over Shin's body. This 'Shin-sama' is the opposite of the owner of the body.


Chiyo Uno
Chiyo Uno is the 17 year old girl main character. In the first volume, she states that she has known Shin Tsubaki since her first year (her own nick-name for him was 'Shin-sama), but only spoke to him during he second year, when he was put into her class.
Shin Tsubaki
Tsubaki is the class-mate that the main character (Chiyo Uno) has a crush on. He has been described by many people as a womanizer and a player. He hates Chiyo and often calls her 'annoying' and tells her to 'leave him alone', but after Shin-sama takes over his body, Tsubaki begins to treat Chiyo with more respect than when he did at the start.
Shin-sama (real name unknown) in an alien who, when his spaceship crashes into some mountains somewhere on earth, inhabits the body of a weak old bird, who Chiyo soon accidentally crushes to death. After his first 'vessel' dies, he inhabits the body of 17 year old Shin Tsubaki, and takes on the nickname Shin-sama from Chiyo Uno.
A classmate of Chiyo and Tsubaki. He is in love with Madoka and early on encourages Chiyo to "go for it" with Shin Tsubaki.
A schoolmate of Chiyo and the girlfriend of Shin Tsubaki.


  1. ISBN 4-08-847279-9 published in September 2000
  2. ISBN 4-08-847331-0 published in January 2001

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