Honey Bitter (ハニービター Hanī Bitā?) is a shōjo manga by Miho Obana.

Plot summary

Honey Bitter revolves around a girl named Shuri who was mistreated by her ex boyfriend, Riki. She grew a hate for men in general after she had broken up with him, and wanted to start over fresh with her life. She started to work for aunt's company, using her ability to see things before they happened as a stepping stone to becoming a great detective. However, by mistake, her aunt hires her ex for the company as well, and Shuri's life takes a turn for the worse as she must put up with him now.


Shuri Otokawa (音川 珠里 Otokawa Shuri?)
Shuri has ESP, and a tendency to act very cold towards men due to her experiences with her ex, Riki. She works at "Office S", her Aunt Saho's detective agency.
Riki Nijihara (虹原 吏己 Nijihara Riki?)
A brilliant yet almost silent detective. When he met Shuri in high school, he abused her, even raping her once and striking her repeatedly. Now that he's joined the "Office S" staff, he acts as if nothing happened between him and Shuri, and at points even seems to show romantic interests in her.
Youta Kubo
The boy Shuri met when she was in New York at a shooting range. He rented one of Saho's apartments. When he could not pay the rent, he confronted Saho, who offered to let him pay his rent later in return for his services as a bodyguard. He has a past in kickboxing, as well as a crush the size of Texas on Shuri. Throughout the series, he makes many advances on Shuri, but stops whenever she shows any sign of discomfort.


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