The Holyoke Publishing Company was an American comic-book publisher founded by Frank Temerson[1] in 1940, during the period fans and historians call the Golden Age of Comic Books. Based in Holyoke, Massachusetts, its best-known original characters were the superhero duo Cat-Man (later rendered as Catman, sans hyphen) and Kitten, created by an unknown writer with artist Irwin Hasen in Crash Comics Adventures #4 (Aug. 1940).

Holyoke also was an early licensor of radio heroes, having success with comic books starring the costumed crimefighter the Green Hornet.


Holyoke was originally known as Helnit.[2][3] The company acquired the rights to such Fox Feature Syndicate characters as the Blue Beetle in 1942, following publisher Victor A. Fox's bankruptcy in 1942.


Among the well-known comics creators who did some of their earliest work there are Joe Kubert, on features starring Volton the Human Generator, Flagman and Alias X for Cat-Man Comics and Captain Aero Comics.[4]





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