Hohzuki Island (鬼燈の島 Hoozuki no Shima?) is a Japanese manga by Kei Sanbe. It was serialized in Young Gangan, commencing in the first issue of 2008 and running for 27 chapters through issue 14 of 2009 (July 3, 2009). It is a gothic horror/suspense story set on a nearly deserted island in Japan where six orphaned or abandoned schoolchildren live alone with their four adult teachers in the decrepit ruin of an old school. The writer and artist, Kei Sanbe, is known for a number of popular series including Testarotho and Kamiyadori. As of Aug. 2009 this series has not yet been reported licensed for English translation, although scanlations exist for the first twenty four chapters.


Two siblings,Kokoro and Yume arrives on an island after their mother abandoned them. There, they begin to attend school where they meet four teachers and four children who are the only other inhabitants on the island. After hearing rumors and discovering a secret room, the kids begin to suspect the teachers for murdering kids who lived in their school before them. After seeing the teachers carry a bloody corpse of one of their classmate, the children decide to escape. On the run, they discover the hidden secrets of the Hohzuki island.

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