Hodge-Podge the rabbit is a fictitious character from Berke Breathed's comic strip Bloom County. His best friends are Portnoy and Cutter John. Hodge is extremely politically conservative and fanatical about most things, though often ignorant and naive about just what those things are. When he found out that Portnoy was a Groundhog, Hodge stopped speaking with him because he did not associate with "pigs". The two eventually made up. Hodge was also part of Steve Dallas's short lived Heavy Metal Band originally called Deathtöngue. Hodge played the drums. During congressional hearings on "porn rock," Dallas, under grilling by the wives of several congressmen, completely caved into congressional pressure and announced the band had changed their name and image to the more wholesome "Billy and the Boingers." Bill got eventually rich when "U-Stink-But-I-♥-U" became a jingle for Wheat Thins commercials, but he did not share the wealth with his bandmates and Billy and the Boingers eventually disbanded. Hodge later had an affair with Rosebud the Basselope, resulting in Rosebud's pregnacy with jackabasselopes.

His children matured in several days and left, causing mixed emotions. Template:Bloomcounty

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