Ho?: Horie Yui Character Best Album (ほっ?) is not actually a Yui Horie solo album. It is a compilation album of popular character songs that she performed in different Anime, including music from Love Hina and Fruits Basket. It also features exclusive new versions of the Love Hina songs Sakura saku and Itsumademo dokomademo.

Track listing

  1. PINCH!
  2. My best friend
  3. Dear mama
  4. 空のように…
        (Sora no yō ni…, Like the sky…)
  5. ハートはうらがえし
        (Hāto wa uragaeshi, My heart is upside down)
  6. ここで良かったね
        (Koko de yokatta ne, Isn't it great to be here?)
  7. Destiny
  8. Girlish
  9. 春だもの!-成瀬川なる version-
        (Haru da Mono!, Because it's Spring! (Naru Narusegawa version))
  10. For フルーツバスケット
        (For furūtsu basuketto, For Fruits Basket)
  11. 小さな祈り
        (Chisana inori, A little prayer)
  12. キラリ☆宝物
        (Kirari takaramono, Sparkling treasure)
  13. Be for you, be for me
  14. その先のJustice
        (Sono saki no justice, That justice just now)
  15. IN YOU
  16. 青薄
        (Aosusuki, Green susuki grass)
  17. サクラサク - ほっ? version
        (Sakura saku, Blooming sakura (Ho? version))
  18. イツマデモドコマデモ - ほっ? version
        (Itsumademo dokomademo, Forever, anywhere (Ho? version))

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