Hinako Takanaga (高永ひなこ) is a popular yaoi manga-ka (Japanese comics creator). She has also provided illustrations for several yaoi light novels by other authors, including The Guilty by Katsura Izumi. Her first manga story, 合格祈願 (Goukaku kigan, Prayers for a passing grade?), was published by Hanamaru Comics in 1997; it was later reworked as the first chapter of Challengers. Most of her works have been translated into English and German (chiefly by Tokyopop imprints). She was a guest at YaoiCon 2007, invited by Juné, the US publishers of her popular series Little Butterfly.[1] Her influences include Suzue Miuchi, Yun Koga and Range Murata.[2]


  • チャレンジャーズ (Challengers?), 1997, 4 volumes
Licensed in English as Challengers by DramaQueen, in German as Küss mich Student! by Tokyopop Germany, and in French as Rien n'est impossible by Taifu Comics.
  • リトル・バタフライ (Little butterfly?), 2001, 3 volumes
Licensed in English as Little Butterfly by Juné and in German as Kleiner Schmetterling by Tokyopop Germany
  • 勉強しなさい! (Benkyou Shinasai!, Study Hard!?), 2002, 1 volume
  • Love Round!!, 2003, 1 volume
Licensed in English as Love Round!! by Deux and in German as K.O. vor Glück by Tokyopop Germany
  • デキる男が好きなんだ! (Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda!, I Like Impressive Guys!?), 2004, 1 volume
Licensed in English as A Capable Man by Blu and in German as Traumboyz by Tokyopop Germany
  • Croquis, 2004, 1 volume
Licensed in English as Croquis by Blu[3] and in German as Skizzen der Liebe by Tokyopop Germany
  • 不器用なサイレント (Bukiyou na Silent, Awkward Silence?), 2004, 2+ volumes (ongoing)
Licensed in German as Ohne viele Worte by Tokyopop Germany, in Italian as Mi Vergogno Da Morire by MX[4], and in French as Silent love by Asuka.
  • リバティ・リバティ! (Liberty Liberty!?), 2005, 1 volume
Licensed in English as Liberty Liberty! by Blu and in German as Verliebt in Osaka by Tokyopop Germany
  • 恋する暴君 (Koi Suru Boukun, The tyrant who falls in love?), 2005, 5+ volumes (ongoing)
Licensed in English as The Tyrant Falls in Love by Juné (formerly by DramaQueen) and in German as Verliebter Tyrann by Tokyopop Germany
  • ターニングポイント (Turning Point?), 2006, 1+ volume (ongoing)
  • きみが恋に堕ちる (Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru, You will fall in love?), 2007, 1 volume
Licensed in English as You Will Fall in Love by Blu and in German as Gezielte Verführung by Tokyopop Germany
  • きみが恋に溺れる (Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru, You are addicted to love?), 2007, 2+ volumes (ongoing) (sequel to Kimi ga Koi ni Ochiru)
Licensed in English as You Will Drown in Love by Blu and in German as Gezieltes Verlangen by Tokyopop Germany
  • アクマのひみつ (Akuma no Himitsu, The demons's secret?), 2007, 1 volume
Licensed in English as The Devil's Secret by 801 Media and in German as Des Teufels Geheimnis by Tokyopop Germany


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