Hideo Seaver is an American voice actor. Some of his works would include Kurama in the U.S. Manga Corps dub of Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report, Kayin Amoh in the Battle Arena Toshinden OVA, and Hiroyuki in Hen (USA title: Strange Love)He also plays the voice of Sakon the Whirlwind in Wrath of the Ninja: the Yotoden Movie.

Hideo Seaver is the pseudonym used by a New York singer-songwriter, actor, and voiceover artist who got his start in the business doing Anime. He is a rabid New York Mets fan -- hence the choice of the name "Seaver" after the great Mets pitcher Tom Seaver. "Hideo" is a loving nod to Hideo Nomo, a major league pitcher of Japanese descent.


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