Hey, Class President! is a Japanese yaoi manga written and illustrated by Kaori Monchi. The manga was serialized in Shinshokan Dear+ magazine and the serial chapters collected into four tankōbon, the first one released in September 2005,[1] and the fourth in May 2009.[2] It is licensed in English by 801 Media, and the two volumes were released in March and May 2009.[3] It is licensed in German as "Highschool Love" by Egmont Manga and Anime.[4]


Leroy Douresseaux felt the story depended on desire, rather than characters or sex, describing the artwork as a "fever dream of want",[5] but felt that in the second volume, the characterisation improved.[6] Rachel Bentham described the artwork as "wind swept"[7] and said that the second volume's sex scenes were the most explicit that she had encountered.[8] Danielle Leigh enjoyed the protagonists' "stumbling attempts to connect on a deeper level".[9]


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