Help!! (Saigo no Shou) is a drama and romance manga by Kiyo Fujiwara. The manga consists of six chapters, and is completed.


Kousaka Shin's ultimate dream is to become a doctor. So despite the facts that she is a cry baby, a coward, has a baby face, and only has an A cup—she is much more passionate about pursuing her goals than others. One day her teacher, Abe-sensei, tells her she is not fit to be a doctor. From then on, a battle between them begins. There's an added twist! Abe-sensei and Shin are neighbors! Now, her journey to becoming a doctor will be even more difficult than imagined![1]


Kousaka Shin
She is a first year medical student, who has high hopes of becoming a doctor.
He is Shin's teacher and next door neighbor. He doesn't believe that Shin has what it takes to become a doctor. Abe tells her that she should quit immediately.



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