Hayao Miyazaki's Daydream Data Notes (Miyazaki Hayao no Zassō nōto) collects Hayao Miyazaki's (very sporadic) manga contributions to various hobby magazines during the 1980s and early 90's.

The series have been bundled in a book, published by Dainippon Kaiga in 1992, and was re-published by the same publisher in 1997.[citation needed] The first edition did not contain Hikōtei Jidai. The story Hans no kikan was not included in either edition.


  1. Shirarezaru Kyojin no Mattei
  2. Kōtetsu no Ikuji
  3. Tahōtō no Deban
  4. Noufu no Me
  5. Ryū no Kōtetsu
  6. Kyūshū Jōkū no Jūgōsakuki
  7. Kōshahōtō
  8. Q-ship
  9. Anshōmaru Monogatari
  10. London Jōkuu 1918-nen
  11. Saihin Zensen
  12. Hikōtei Jidai, an early version of Porco Rosso
  13. Buta no Tora


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