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Haruto Umezawa (梅澤春人 Umezawa Haruto?, born on March 27, 1966 in Saitama, Japan) is a Japanese manga artist. Umezawa is best known for the manga series Hareluya II Bøy and Bremen. He was also a former assistant to Tsukasa Hojo.


  • Sakenomi☆Dōji (Weekly Shōnen Jump, 1990)
  • Hareluya (Weekly Shōnen Jump, 1992)
  • Hareluya II Bøy (Weekly Shōnen Jump, 1992-1999)
  • Bremen (Weekly Shōnen Jump, 2000-2001)
  • Detective Dance (One-shot; Weekly Shōnen Jump, 2000)
  • Sword Breaker (Weekly Shōnen Jump, 2002)
  • Live (Weekly Shōnen Jump, 2004)
  • Countach (Weekly Young Jump, 2004-Present)

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