Harry D. Rabbit is a character that appears in Harry and the Haunted House by Mark Schlichting.


Harry D. Rabbit: Harry is an anthropomorphic rabbit wearing a red and white striped shirt, blue pants, and a baseball cap. He loses his hat inside the house.
Earl Earwax: Earl is another anthropomorphic rabbit wearing a green shirt with a yellow star. He can throw a curveball.
Stinky: Stinky is an anthropomorphic skunk wearing a yellow shirt and orange pants. He owns the baseball and his real name is Stanley.
Amy Fourpaws: Amy is an anthropomorphic tiger wearing a pink shirt and blue overalls. She appears to be the only child who doesn't tremble from the haunted house.
Spot: Spot is Harry's pet dog wearing a collar.
Three Bugs: Three beetles also appear.


Haunted House: The haunted house is located behind the gate.
Yard: The yard is a front yard the children play baseball.

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