The harisen (ハリセン meaning "slapping fan" in Japanese) is a giant paper fan, usually made in a closed fashion, It is used in Japanese comedy shows as a form of physical comedy (this is what is usually seen in anime when a character smacks another on the head with a paper fan).

About harisen

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In popular culture

  • The psychopathic character Kazuo Kiriyama is given a harisen in the movie Battle Royale.
  • In the video game Chaos Wars, the character Shizuku's weapon of choice is a harisen which often uses it to hit the main character in typical comedic fashion. Her special attack is called Harisen Ranbu (張り扇乱舞) or "Harisen Dance".
  • In the manga and anime series Hayate no Gotoku!, the supporting character and Kansai native Sakuya Aizawa frequently carries a harisen used mostly to smack the title character during their brief manzai exchanges.
  • Kaname Chidori of the anime Full Metal Panic uses a harisen that she seems to pull out from hammerspace to stop Sousuke Sagara from doing anything that could injure or kill a civilian in Tokyo (at one point, her harisen is seen to be extendable and takes up as much space as a matchbox).
  • In Naruto, Temari uses a harisen as her main form of attack.
  • In the manga Negima!, character Asuna Kagurazaka wields a giant sword-sized harisen that later transforms into an enormous single-edged sword.
  • The character Dr. Eto in the series Nodame Cantabile is known by the nickname "Harisen" because he uses one to punish his students.
  • In the manga and anime series Saiyuki a character named Genjyo Sanzo uses a harisen to punish both Son Goku and Sha Gojyo when the two argue for even the smallest of things.
  • In the video game series Super Smash Bros., a large fan is a usable item. Characters will wield it as a very fast weapon.
  • In the video games Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, Asuka Kazama uses a harisen as her item move.
  • The tengu-karasu that attend to the Zashiki-Warashi in the manga and anime series xxxHolic wield harisen, though they generally only attack Kimihiro Watanuki since they believe he's the one that makes her cry.
  • In the video games Sengoku Basara, Oda Nobunaga's joke weapon is harisen.
  • In both anime and manga Pandora Hearts a character named Shalon Rainsworth uses a harisen.
  • In the video game, manga, and anime Comic Party, Yū Inagawa uses a harisen both for its real purpose (making noise to attract customers) and its comedy purpose (slapping idiots).

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