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Hari Tokeino (時計野 はり Tokeino Hari?, born February 2, 1979) is a Japanese shōjo manga artist born in Chiba Prefecture.

Hari represents herself as a 'Windup Alarm and Clock' in her manga free talks. She also draws her two older sisters as clocks, the elder being an antique clock and the younger being a different model alarm clock.

Hari Tokeino is her pen name. She reveals in one of the volumes that it means "Hand of the Clock", thus her reason to draw herself as a clock. She goes on to say that every now and then she regrets choosing that as her pen name.

Her current work is Gakuen Babysitters which is serializing in LaLa.



  • Santa no Iru Machi (The Town of Santa Claus Lives) - Her debut work, run in LaLa DX 2002 Jan. Issue.
  • Shirayuki-hime no Dōwa (The Long Story of Snow White)
  • Gakuchū (The Students of Junior High School)
  • Parallel to the World
  • Mahō no Tsukaikata (How to Use Magic)
  • Himitsu no Tobira no Kugurikata (How to Go Through the Secret Door)
  • Gakuen Nana Fushigi-kun (The Boy of the School's Seven Secrets)
  • Kirakira Ichiban-boshi (Twincle Star of the First)
  • Kimi to Boku no Uta (The Song of You & I)

Short works

  • Hitai ni Mikaduki (The Crescent Moon on Forehead) - in LaLa DX and LaLa Special


  • Me & My Brothers - in LaLa
  • Gyakuten Honey (Reversing Me & Honey) - in LaLa DX, LaLa Special
  • Gakuen Babysitters (The Babysitters in the School) - in LaLa

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