Happy Happy Clover (はぴはぴクローバ Hapi Hapi Kuroobaa?) is a manga series created and illustrated by Tatsuyama Sayuri. It was serialized in Shogakukan's shōjo magazine Ciao beginning in August 2005 to November 2008. 5 tankōbon Volumes were serialized in April 2006. An anime adaptation ran from July 6, 2007 to 28 September 2007, adapting some of the chapters of the manga series. Viz Media currently holds the License for the Manga series.


Clover is a happy bunny living in Crescent Forest with her friends Kale and Shallot. One day when Clover is late for school, Kale and Shallot make fun of her; upset, she wishes for a girl bunny of her age. The same day, Professor Hoot announces the arrival of a new student: Mallow, who is just what Clover wished for. The four bunnies travel all over Crescent Forest getting into (and out of) trouble.


Main Characters

Clover (ちま Chima?)

A white bunny with a heart-shapped puff of fur at her neckline and blue eyes; she wears a clover next to her right ear. Clover is a lively, happy bunny, who sometimes gets into trouble with her friends. She isn't very responsible sometimes and has an admiration towards Rambler.

Mallow (メル Meru?)

Clover's friend, a light pink bunny with floppy ears and brown eyes. Calm, sweet, and smart.

Kale (ガク Gaku?)

Clover's friend, a brown bunny with green eyes. The oldest of the 7 bunny siblings, he's friendly, but a little mysterious , secretly likes Clover.

Shallot (ハル Haru?)

Clover's friend, a yellowish bunny with glasses. He is extremely smart and always seen with a book. He supports Kale and has a crush on Mallow.


A rabbit that travels to different forests all the time. He tells the bunnies stories about his adventures and one day Clover is supposed to adventure with him when she gets older. He is quite a bit older then all the other bunnies.

Minor Characters

  • Professor Hoot: Clover, Kale, Shallot, and Mallow's teacher, an owl. Gruff, but secretly nice. Known for his dreaded invitations to his home, which usually includes bitter health tea which all his students hate, and his long stories about his youth.
  • Hickory: Clover's babysitter,a flying squirrel. Calm, cool, and collected and nice to everyone.
  • Tip, Top, Tap, Flip, Flop, and Flap: Kale's sextuplet younger brothers. They get along really well with Kale.
  • Cinnamon and Twirl: Forest's biggest pranksters, a fox and squirrel.


The manga was originally created by Tatsuyama Sayuri. It was first serialized in the August 2005 issue of Ciao and later collected in five tankōbon volumes. Viz Media licensed the manga in 2009 and all 5 volumes were been released in English.

Japanese manga volumes

English manga volumes


An Anime adaptation was aired from 6 July 2007 to 28 September 2007 on Kids Station and TV Aichi in Japan. It was directed by Kazumi Nonaka and the anime only adapts some of the chapters of the Manga. The chapters from Volumes 4 and 5 are not present in the series.


"Shiawase no Kakera (シアワセのカケラ)" by Marimomi
"Under the Blue Skies" (藍色の空の下で Aiiro no Sora no Shita de?) by Mikuni Shimokawa


There are two games, both released in Japanese only.

ちゃおドリームタッチ! ハッピーあにばーさりー

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