Hanappe Bazooka (花平バズーカ Hanappe Bazuuka?) is a Japanese manga series created by Kazuo Koike and Go Nagai. It was originally published in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump from 1979-06-07 to the issue of 1982-01-07/14. An OVA based on the manga was released in 1992 by Nippon Crown and it would later be released in the USA by ADV Films and in Italy by Dynamic Italia.

Main characters

  • Hanappe Yamada (山田花平 Yamada Hanappe?)
  • Mephisto Dance (メフィスト・ダンス Mefisuto Dansu?)
  • Ophisto Bazooka (オフィスト・バズーカ Ofisuto Bazuuka?)

External links

it:Hanappe Bazooka

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