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Hana Usagi (鼻兎?) is a manga series by Kentarō Kobayashi, originally serialized from 1999 to 2004 in Kodansha's Young Magazine Uppers, a magazine for young men. The manga is named after its main character.


A rabbit(male),who has a long nose like a human.He has no family.His birthday is 19 June.
"Hana" means a nose,"Usagi" means a rabbit.
A cat(female).One of Hana-Usagi's friend.She has two children.
A dog(male).One of Hana-Usagi's friend.
"Inu" means a dog.
Inu's Father(いぬの父)
Niniko's children(子ニニコ)
Two little cats.
The woman who gave a birthday for Hana-Usagi
Kentaro Kobayashi(小林賢太郎)
This Manga's author.


The manga has been collected into four tankōbon, published by Kodansha.

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