Haguregumo (浮浪雲 Furou Kumo?, lit. "Wandering Clouds") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by George Akiyama. It has been serialized by Shogakukan in Big Comic Original since 1973 and collected in 91 tankōbon as of April 2010. Haguregumo received the 1979 Shogakukan Manga Award for general category.[1]

It was adapted into a movie in 1982 by Madhouse Studios and Toei Animation. Directed by Mori Masaki, it premiered in Japan on the 24 April 1982.[2]


Set at the end of the Edo (Tokugawa Shoganate) era, the series depicts Cloud's family with his wife, Turtle, their 11-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. The Clouds are always ignoring work and playing. Cloud is notorious for womanising.


  • Cloud ( Kumo?) is the protagonist of the series. He is a famous womaniser and rarely works.
  • Turtle (かめ Kame?) is the wife of Cloud and often joins her husband in his idling.
  • Shinnosuke (新之助?) is the 11-year-old son of Cloud and Turtle. His personality is completely opposite to that of his father's.
  • Flower (お花 Ohana?) is the 8-year-old daughter of Cloud and Turtle. She is a tomboy and has a serious attitude, opposite to those of her parents.


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