Green Lantern: Willworld is an original graphic novel written by J M DeMatteis and illustrated by Seth Fisher released by DC Comics in hardcover in July 2001.

Publication history

The artist Seth Fisher notes that

Willworld was conceived after I pitched a story idea with art samples to Joey Cavaleri at DC. We brainstormed and decided to use the art style as a starting point for a Hal Jordan story. I wanted a writer that would shrug off some of the spandex cliches that I was worried could limit my art, but still tackle the fantastic. I wanted it to be both surreal and yet grounded at the same time.[1]

Fisher has also said "We wanted a book where I could squeeze my imagination for everything it was worth and 'Green Lantern' just seemed to have the most potential that way."[2]

Writer J.M. DeMatteis described the story as 'Green Lantern meets Little Nemo in Quantum Wonderland. A playful, surreal, quantum physics fairytale.' [3]

The book has released as a hardcover in July 2004 (ISBN 1563897822)[4] and softcover in January 2004 (ISBN ).[5]


This story tells how a young Hal Jordan mastered his power ring. The story is set on a world formed entirely by the imagination of other Green Lanterns.

Critical reception

Locus Magazine gave the book a positive review and noted that it was 'Stunning stuff, highly recommended' [6]


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