Gorilla Comics was a short-lived American comic book imprint launched in 2000[1] by creators Kurt Busiek, Tom Grummett, Stuart Immonen, Karl Kesel, Barry Kitson, George Pérez, Mark Waid, and Mike Wieringo[2]. Characters were creator-owned, and books were published through Image Comics.


Titles included:

  • Crimson Plague by Pérez (originally published through Event Comics)
  • Empire by Waid and Kitson (later completed through DC Comics)
  • Section Zero by Kesel and Grummett
  • Shockrockets by Busiek and Immonen
  • Superstar by Busiek and Immonen
  • Tellos by Todd Dezago and Wieringo (originally published through Image Central)


The founders intended to finance the company through a comics-themed website,, which proved unsuccessful.[3] This left creators financing their own books, and only a handful of issues saw print.[4] Only Shockrockets and Tellos completed their initial storylines. The last Gorilla Comics book, Superstar, consisted of a single issue printed in 2001.

Shockrockets was later reprinted by Dark Horse Comics. Further Tellos stories were self-published directly through Image. Empire was later completed as a miniseries at DC Comics.




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