Gorgeous Carat (ゴージャス・カラット Gōjasu Karatto?) is a Shōnen ai manga series by You Higuri. The series is about the relationship between a man from a poor noble family and a master thief during the Victorian Era in France.


Main Characters


Florian is the last heir of an impoverished noble family. He is 20 years old. He has blond hair and stunning violet eyes, which resemble amethysts. He agrees to be sold to Noir in return for the money to pay his family's debts.

Count Ray Balzac Courland/Noir

Ray Balzac Courland is a master thief who calls himself "Noir". He lives as an usurer under the name "Count Ray Balzac Courland". He is 18 years old. He prefers to use a whip as a weapon.


Laila is Noir's right-hand woman. She is in love with him, and a little jealous of his relationship with Florian.

Solomon Sugar

Solomon Sugar is a private investigator who is determined to expose Noir's true identity. He gave a nickname to Noir and calls him his "black cat".

Noel 'Petit Noel' Tassel

Noel is the five year old son of Monsieur Tassel. His parents and Florian call him "Petit Noel". He becomes instantly attached to Florian due to Florian's resemblance to his mother. Noel always carries a teddy bear named "Betty Deux", which he calls his treasure. The teddy bear actually contains jewels his father hid there for safekeeping.

Louise Mastroianni/Louise Tassel

Louise is the female head of the Black Hand's Paris branch. She is originally Italian. She is married to Monsieur Tassel and is mistress to Romwell Sr, Azura's father.

Azura/Romwell Jr

Azura is the blood brother of Noir. He is secretly the head of several criminal organizations, including the Black Hand.

Minor Characters

Monsieur Tassel

Monsieur Tassel is Noel's father and the president of the Bank Tassel du Paris. Louise is his second wife, his first having died several years before.


Maurice is Florian's uncle. He attempts to murder Florian's mother and steal the Flame of Mughal. He is killed in the process of stealing the jewel.


Manon is Maurice's lover. She joins him in his nefarious plans and is killed along with him in the process.

Florian's Mother

Florian's Mother is a noblewoman who is forced to sell her treasured family heirlooms to pay off the family's debts. She is presumed to have died in the fire that consumed the family's mansion.

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