Giant Robo (ジャイアントロボ Jaianto Robo?) is a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, in which the huge robot of the same name as a title appears. Tokusatsu, Anime, etc. based on this manga were produced.

Since Toei requested a plot for Tokusatsu TV series from Yokoyama, he wrote this manga. Yokoyama made the setting "Giant Robo follows only a hero" for differentiation with his Tetsujin 28 which everyone can control.


Part 1

The secret society "Big Fire" to scheme to conquer the world is furthering Project GR. The special investigation organization of the United Nations dispatches an agent in Country T to interfere with the plan. Daisaku Kusama, the Japanese tourist, is mistaken for the agent, and is abducted by "BF".

Part 2

Daisaku Kusama comes back alive to Japan barely with GR1. However, "BF" plans the attempt on Daisaku's life to recapture GR1, and they let GR2 and GR3 attack Tokyo.

Part 3

The bomber carrying a hydrogen bomb crashes into Japanese waters. The hydrogen bomb has already been deprived by "BF" though the bomber is recovered at once. "BF" requires that GR1 should be exchanged for a hydrogen bomb.


  • Daisaku Kusama: The Japanese boy who was going to go to Country T to study.
  • Azuma: The chairman of Japanese branch of the special investigation organization of the United Nations.



Adaptaions include:

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