Gag Manga Biyori (ギャグマンガ日和?, lit. Good Day for Gag Manga) is a manga serialized in Monthly Shōnen Jump until July 2007 when the magazine ceased to publish. The manga has continued serialization in its monthly successor, Jump Square.

Three 12-episode anime series were produced, selecting stories from the manga. Each episode is 5 minutes long. A fourth season is currently airing, since January 2010.

Gyagu Manga Biyori is known for its hyperactive, random, and nonsensical style that revolves around various plots and characters throughout the series.

Theme songs

  • "Attack! Gyagu Manga Biyori" (アタック!ギャグマンガ日和 lit. Attack! Good Day for Gag Manga?) by Yuji Ueda (Season one)
  • "Oahu! Hawaii Biyori" (オアフ! ハワイ日和?, lit. Oahu! Good Day for Hawaii) by Yuji Ueda and Kaori Nazuka (Season two)
  • "Body line" (ボディライン?) by Yuji Ueda (Season three)
  • "Kibou no uchuu no..." (希望の宇宙の・・・?, lit. The Aspiration of Space's...) by Yuji Ueda (Season four)

Episode list

Season one

# Title Original air date
01 Sticker/Sticker 2
"Shīru/Shīru 2" (シール/シール2)
7 February 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The CEO of the Uki-Uki Confectionary talks about the new product - the Dokkiri-chan Chocco (with a free sticker inside), and he wants to talk to the product development department. It appears that the stickers in the packages are all of a depressed (and mentally damaged) boy, and this is why the product is not selling well.

In the second part, the CEO of the Macho Bread Corp goes down to the mall for a new Doki-Doki Bread. He opens to reveal 3 Takeru-stickers in a row. The CEO knew that something wrong is going on.

02 Yang-Ti gets angry! The Sovereign Letter
"Yōdai ikaru kokushohen" (煬帝怒る 国書編)
Prince Shōtoku along with Ono no Imoko have become Kenzuishi, imperial embassies to China. They were to meet the Chinese Emperor Yang of Sui and were heading to Luoyang by ship. They are, however, suffering from long-term travel insanity.
03 Yang-Ti gets angry! Luoyang's Volume
"Yōdai ikaru rakuyōhen" (煬帝怒る 洛陽編)
Prince Shōtoku and Ono no Imoko arrive at their destination: Luoyang. They go to meet the Chinese Emperor Yang of Sui (who is really an alien from the planet Octopus pretending to be human and manipulating the people's minds) to give him the letter from the Emperor of Japan. However, in doing so, things go quickly and horribly wrong.
04 The End
"Shūmatsu" (終末)
It is only three more mere hours till a giant meteor hits the Earth, wiping out all life forever. The world is in total chaos and insanity with the knowledge that in three hours the apocalypse will come. A TV station has invited four celebrities to talk about the end of the planet Earth - unfortunately, they are also affected by the worldwide chaos, as they show their true colors.
05 Down the Narrow Road, Episode I
"Oku no hoshomichi episōdo I" (奥の細道 エピソードI)
In 1689, the well-known poet (and wimpy looney) Matsuo Bashō took his apprentice, the "apprentice-teaches-master" Sora as his travelling company, and started a journey towards the narrow road to the deep north. This is the beginning of their story - and, in extension, their madness.
06 Harris Impact - Surprise Plan
"HARRIS IMPACT BIKKURI daisakusen" (ハリスインパクト ビックリ大作戦)
Consulate Townsend Harris and his Hollander personal secretary Heusken go to Japan to finalize the Treaty of Peace and Commerce. However, Harris is more absorbed in his plan to leave a historic impact to the Japanese - something that only results in madness. He made a plan for their trip in Edo - which is actually insane pictures of his visions of failure and success, including a drawing of Heusken smiling - while blood is flowing down from his mouth.
07 Harris Impact - Chapter Marching in
"HARRIS IMPACT norikomihen" (ハリスインパクト 乗り込み編)
Harris and Heusken are ready to finalize the treaty, and they are going with a strange vehicle that Harris already made. Will Heusken survive this abomination of an invention that'll make him go up and down? Will the treaty be passed? Or is this the ultimate death knell for the Treaty of Peace and Commerce - and the world's sanity?
08 Go Omusubi-kun/Light Speed Rider Mach Ryou
"Dokkoi omusubi-kun/Kōsoku RIDER MACH Ryō" (どっこいおむすび君/光速ライダー マッハ涼)
The first part of this episode is a Doraemon parody about an alien called Omusubi-kun and the boy he lives with, Hebota, as they live together until Omusubi-kun, after having his insides revealed, leaves the planet Earth for good. The second part is about Mach Ryou, a motorbike racer who raced against a punk over a girl at the deadly cliff road. The resulting race escalates into an all-out cliff joyride as Ryou and the punk race for the ultimate prize.
09 Birth of the magical girl
"Mahō shōjo tanjō" (魔法少女誕生)
The Ramen Fairy, one of the fairies that are sent to the degenerating Japan by the Queen of Fairies, is found by a girl inside a ramen cup - with a chopstick-stabbing first contact. He asks the girl to become a magical girl - which, however, yields unexpectedly disastrous results.
10 Saiyūki: The end of the journey
"Saiyūuki: tabi no owari" (西遊記 〜旅の終わり〜)
Xuanzang and his comrades are at the end of their journey to India, and they are racing to reach the goal first. Xuanzang tries to keep his comrades from cheating by reminding them of their dead friend Zhu Bajie. However, during these events, total chaos erupts and the truth about how Zhu Bajie died is revealed.
11 I am dead and I scream at the sun/Unlucky friends
"Shinda watashi wa taiyō ni hoeru/UNLUCKY FRIENDS" (死んだ私は太陽にほえる/アンラッキーフレンズ)
Sayuri, who died due to a falling swordfish piercing her stomach when saving a cat holding that swordfish from being run over by a car, asks the Grim Reaper to let her come to life again for a few seconds to say the words she wishes to be her last words - however, stomachache and interference by a teacher named Gorimatsu led to botched attempts of saying "What the hell is that?!" as her last words. The second part is about a girl called Ishii who has gone to college, living on her own, and sees her friends and neighbors fall from their weakening balconies while she is running home - the casualty toll increases till she is the last one to fall subject to her own balcony.
12 You're a detective Usami-chan?/She's a great detective!
"Usami-chan - Meitanteissuka! Usami-chan/Meitantei da mono! Usami-chan" (名探偵っスか!うさみちゃん/名探偵だもの!うさみちゃん)
25 April 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
This final episode of the season is about Usami-chan, a rabbit girl who is known for her detective abilities and sharp intuition that exposes the criminal responsible for he crimes. She solves unusual and perverted cases that happens around her - and her prime suspect, the bear boy Kumakichi.

Season two

# Title Original air date
01 It's the detective! Usami-chan
"Meitantei dazoe! Usami-chan" (名探偵だぞえ! うさみちゃん)
Usami-chan, the detective rabbit girl, continues solving more far out of the ordinary and perverted cases in her school, this time with the help of the transfer student Penske-kun - which his detective abilities involve exposing his downright hideous teeth.
02 The private tutor won't come!
"Konai yo! Kateikyōshi" (来ないよ! 家庭教師)
A father of the family hired a private tutor for his son, tempted by the fact that the tutors were advertised as hot college girls. There is only one major problem, though: the private tutor doesn't come despite repeated phone calls, cakes, meditation, and etc. by the father and son for several days.
03 Prince Shōtoku's Fun Wooden Building
"Shōtoku Taishi no tanoshii mokuzō kenchiku" (聖徳太子の楽しい木造建築)
Prince Shōtoku returns from his trip to China and after the Luoyang incident to check on the construction progress of the Hōryū-ji temple, only to find it to be still on the planning stage. He forces the only worker to finish the building in a day - although in a severely altered form - so he can invite Ono no Imoko over - however, that action would be the last for both of them.
04 Neko-chan's Abs/Family with quintuplets
"Neko-chan no fukin/Itsutsugo daikasoku" (ネコちゃんの腹筋/5つ子大家族)
The first part is about a humanoid cat who trains his abdominal muscles, but he, unfortunately, broke them when training using a basketball, so he shared the muscles with his grandmother in order to recoup his ab losses. The second part is about a television crew trying to film the quintuplets of a family by all means and at all costs, who appear to be far, far more hyperactive than usual.
05 Fight, Urashima Tarō!
"Ganbare Urashima Tarō" (がんばれ浦島太郎)
Urashima saves a turtle and gets invited to the Ryūgū-jō, where, to the dismay of Urashima, the princess Otohime despised him and gave him the lowest quality service possible - just to overload his brain to the breaking point.
06 Swordmaster Yamato (Typos)/Swordmaster Yamato (End)
"Sōdomasutaa Yamato (Goshoku hen)/Sōdomasutaa Yamato (Kanketsu hen)" (ソードマスターヤマト(誤植編)/ソードマスターヤマト(完結編))
In the first part, a mangaka phones his editor to complain about the outrageous and insane typos that appeared on his manga, Swordmaster Yamato. In the second part, a new editor, Takara-san, phones the mangaka to tell him that his manga has to end abruptly because of its low popularity, despite the story becoming intense. The mangaka is allowed three pages to end it - which, for a manga becoming intense, is absolute madness to the mangaka.
07 The Mogami River, gathering rain of May and even more rapid
"Samidare wo atsumete hayashi Mogamigawa" (五月雨をあつめて早し最上川)
Taking up where Episode 1 left off, Matsuo Bashō and his apprentice Sora continue their journey to the North, this time getting to cross Mogami river. Unfortunately, still suffering from his inferiority complex, thinking he is strong enough to block the river, and having saw his teddy bear sabotaged by Sora, Matsuo jumps into the rapid river, causing more insanity than ever before.
08 Akio - You still live inside my heart/Goodbye, Grandpa
"Akio ~kono mune no naka ni mada ikiteiru~/Sayonara ojii-chan" (明男 〜この胸の中にまだ生きている〜/さよならおじいちゃん)
This episode involves the tragic, inevitable and final moment in life that is death. In the first half, Reiko-chan must cope with the death of Akio, a weird, 4-legged, 3-eyed, severely malfunctioning robot she loved so much, with her still functioning partner, the centauroid Mamoru, which, of course, also suffers from the same symptoms Akio did. On the second half, the grandfather of a family, with his time running out, recalls the memories he had with his old friends - only to encounter severe and weird anomalies.
09 Eyepatch -Real Momotarō-/Ikkyū-san/Forbidden Canadajare BEST5
"Gantai -shin Momotarō-/Ikkyū-san/Kindn no Kanadajre BEST5" (眼帯 ―真桃太郎―/一休さん/禁断のカナダジャレBEST5)
An elderly couple slices open a giant peach and finds Date Masamune's eyepatch inside, they fight over it while keeping it a secret to the one-eyed First Lord of Sendai, who comes looking for his lost eyepatch - and became a public laughingstock with his flower replacement. The second part reveals that the witty Ikkyū gets his inspiration by summoning the god of wit. This time, however, the god of sexual harassment gets summoned instead when Ikkyū is tested by a daimyo, resulting in a pretty awkward situation. The final part is a list of dajare.
10 The legend of the manga prep school: Hurricane Jun
"Manga senmon gakkou densetsu harikeen Jun" (マンガ専門学校伝説ハリケーン準)
Wherever there is corrupt manga forces causing madness and chaos, Hurricane Jun, the so-called "legend of the manga prep school", will be there to stop it before it's too late - using powerful manga pages that turns the pain involved in them into reality for the enemy.
11 Black Mountain Climbing
"Kuro tozan" (黒登山)
A student gets immediately forced into his teacher's "black mountain climbing" club, where its members (just the two of them) do erratic and weird things to distract other mountaineers, putting them in grave danger in the process. Public reaction is, if you're familiar with weird situations, all too typical.
12 Love E
"Ravu e" (ラヴ江)
A single man buys a robot girlfriend for himself, but, unfortunately for him, it turns out the product wasn't like what he expected - resembling a trash can on wheels instead of a real gynoid. The robot then proceeds to help him get a real girlfriend, scaring random bystanders and causing pretty severe damage to his physical health in the process.

Season three

# Title Original air date
1 Hirata's World/Speak of the detective! Usami-chan
"Hirata no Sekai/Meitantei to ieba! Usami-chan" (平田の世界/名探偵と言えば!うさみちゃん)
March 17, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hirata came to a realization that he is only a manga character in a barren world, he hopes for a rival to appear like in typical Shōnen manga, and he was granted one - wearing panties on his head. After frequent appearances made by other, weird creatures and supposedly defeating the evil lord, Hirata came to the slow - and awkward - realization that he is actually in a gag manga. The second part continues Usami-chan's adventures in solving more perverted cases in the school.
2 The Wonders of the Sympetrum/It's the detective! Usami-chan
"Akantonbo no fushigi/Meitantei dazoe! Usami-chan" (アカトンボのふしぎ/名探偵だぞえ! うさみちゃん)
March 24, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In the first part, a perverted professor gives a lesson about meadowhawks - with pretty mixed results. In the second part, Usami-chan and friends try to cheer Penske-kun up since he became quickly disliked for his hideous teeth.
3 One week of Shōtoku
"Shōtoku isshūkan" (聖徳1週間)
March 31, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Prince Shōtoku digs up a pitfall trap, which he hopes that Ono no Imoko will fall into. However, Ono no Imoko happens to see him laying this trap and spends the whole week spying on Prince Shōtoku as he waits for Imoko to fall into the trap. Also of interest to note, there is a new seiyū for Ono no Imoko in this episode.
4 Magnificent Yoga/Is she really a detective! Usami-chan
"Subarashiki Yoga/Meitantei kashira! Usami-chan" (すばらしきヨガ/名探偵かしら!うさみちゃん)
April 7, 2008 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In the first part, a poor Yoga master must beg a gangster father for forgiveness, when his son accidentally injures the gangster's son. He is unable to beg successfully and ends up doing random Yoga poses instead, which enrages the gangster father even more. In the second part, Usami-chan tries to figure out who has stolen Nyanmi-chan's bulma - till the usual suspect is revealed.
5 Inō Tadataka's Walk
"Inō Tadataka no Ayumi" (伊能忠敬の歩み)
This episode follows Inō Tadataka as he goes on his journey to complete the map of Japan. In the process he meets up with a sickly dog, an out-of-this-world alien, and a strange old lady. Much hilarity and chaos ensues.
"" (ララ美リアリティ/聖徳なぞなぞ傑作選)
"" (フォーエバーハンターMASUDA/超合体戦士サンゴッドVオープニングテーマ)
In the first part of this episode, the sly, fly Masuda rescues a damsel in distress all the while teaching a brutish punk a lesson in humiliation. The second involves with the 3rd member of the SanGoto V team and the chain of events that leads him to transform from sore loser to the main villain.
8 Season of Love!! Cupid-kun
"" (恋の季節!!キューピッド君)
A deranged, out-of-control, perverted cupid, a man attempting to make love with his girlfriend, only to end up either sabotaged and arrowed by the cupid, turning him into a centaur - a sure-fire case of Valentine's Day Syndrome.
9 Non-stop Matsuo Bashō
"" (ノンストップ松尾芭蕉)
After accidentally eating a poisonous mushroom after being bashed by Sora away, Matsuo suffers the ultimately worst case of insanity known to mankind - something that will jeopardize the peaceful meeting with the local daimyo in the area, resulting in non-stop Matsuo-style madness.
"" (決めろ!!キラメキシュート)
Following the fallout from the cancelled Swordmaster Yamato last season, the mangaka decides to create a new one, titled "The Super Shooting of the Kirameki", which involves a soccer boy named Kirameki Shoot. However, interference by the head editor and weird ideas, including the dreaded 3-page restriction, melt together to form the ultimate in weird manga, involving moe catgirls, yuurei, soccer boy rivals, and weeds gone wrong.
"" (スケバン探偵 前編)
As the latest action heroine, Warrior Idol Yoko-chan, is about to make her live-action debut, the studio crew decide it is high-time they have rented a stunt double gynoid to do the dirty stunt work for her. Unfortunately, what they are about to get will be a malfunctioning, nonsense-vomiting defect that will turn her debut upside down.
"" (スケバン探偵 後編)

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