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GE - Good Ending (GE〜グッドエンディング GE~Guddoendeingu?) is a Japanese manga series by Sasuga Kei. It was first serialized in the weekly Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine on August 2009. This school life romance follows Seiji Utsumi's and his friend Yuki Kurokawa, a member of the school tennis team, who helps Utsumi to confess his feelings to the captain of the tennis team, Shou Iketani.


Seiji Utsumi has a crush on Shou Iketani, the captain of the Tennis Club. Yuki Kurokawa, Shou's teammate learns about this and agrees to help him in exchange he learns to becomes a better man for Shou. As the two gets to know each other, Seiji realize he might be falling for Yuki.


Seiji Utsumi (内海 聖志 Utsumi Seiji?)
Is a shy person who is isn't good at sports, and is just an average guy. He's content with looking at people from afar without getting too close. He later begins to gain self confidence through the help of his new friend Kurokawa Yuki. He is finally able to approach his love interest Iketani Shou after being tricked into the tennis club by Yuki.
Yuki Kurokawa (黒川 雪 Kurokawa Yuki?)
A nice girl who is in the tennis club. She decides to help Utsumi after finding out that he likes her sempai in the tennis club. She tends to push Utsumi hard in his pursuit of Shou. Yuki holds emotional scars from her past that make her unable to love. This is what spurs her to help Utsumi in order to once try and feel again.
Shou Iketani (池谷 晶 Iketani Shou?)
Captain of the tennis club and Utsumi's love interest. She has a bright personality and get along well with others. Prone to accidents and not all that good at tennis. She slowly starts to notice Utsumi, but still has feelings for a senpai who has already graduated.

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