Fuyumi Soryo (惣領 冬実 Sōryō Fuyumi?, born 1959-01-06) is a Japanese manga artist from Beppu, Oita, Japan. Her significant works include Mars and Eternal Sabbath. In 1988, she was awarded the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo manga for Boyfriend. Her current manga series is Cesare which centers around the infamous Borgia family of the Italian Renaissance and Cesare Borgia himself.


  • "Tamara" (2004, One Shot)
  • "Eternal Sabbath" (2002-2004, 8 Volumes, Complete)
  • "MARS Gaiden - Horse Without A Name (1 Volume, Complete)
  • "MARS" (15 Volumes, Complete)
  • "Taiyo no IJIWARU" (Collection of Short Stories, Complete)
  • "3 Three" (1998, 8 Volumes, Complete)
  • "Boyfriend" (6 Volumes, Complete)
  • "DOLL" (1 Volume, Complete)
  • "SABOTEN" (2 Volumes, Short Stories, Complete)
  • "Owaru HEART Janei" (1 Volume, Short Stories, Complete)


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