Furiten-kun (フリテンくん?) is a yonkoma manga series by Masashi Ueda which has been serialized in several magazine. In the early 1980s, the manga was published simultaneously in Takeshobo's Kindai Mahjong, Kindai Mahjong Original, and Gamble Punch.[3] It was then published in Manga Life magazine from November 1984 (in the first issue of the magazine) to 1994. The series was started again in January 2001 and is currently running in Manga Life. The title of the series was changed to Shin Furiten-kun (新フリテンくん?) in March 2002. The manga was adapted into a theatrical film and an OVA in the early 1980s.

Several pachinko systems have been released which feature Furiten-kun as the theme.[4][5]

Anime film






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