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Funny Bunnies is a comic strip created by American cartoonist Cyrus Oliver II. Funny Bunnies was first published in March 2006 in The Ottawa Herald of Ottawa, Kansas and is now available on the Ottawa Herald's website and on its own official website. It appeared as a weekly comic every Friday in the Ottawa Herald and since November 7, 2006 has been published as a weekly webcomic as well.


Jack the bunny is a lead character of Funny Bunnies. He is often characterized as being naive, optimistic, and carefree.

Jill the bunny is a lead character of Funny Bunnies. She is portrayed as being one of the more intelligient and sarcastic characters in the strip.

Admiral Evil is a squirrel bent on world domination.

MattLin are a two-headed bat. Matt is the name of the male vampire bat side of the body, while Lin is the female fruit bat side of the body.

Fred the Fox is a mute character who uses wooden signs to communicate with other characters. He is portrayed as using 'sign language' in the strip.

Tee the Chipmunk is an adorable chipmunk who has a variety of multiple personalities. The other characters never know what to expect from her.

Little Bunny Foo Foo is Admiral Evil's love interest. She is apparently based on an old child's rhyme and enjoys bopping field mice on their heads.

The Field Mice reside in Field Mice Village and are a peaceful community. They are often terrorized by Little Bunny Foo Foo.

Autumn is a leaf who lives on the Valley Voo Tree. She first appeared in the poem "Autumn's Destiny", written by the comic's author Cyrus Oliver II.

Destiny is another leaf who lives on the Valley Voo Tree. She also made her first appearance in the poem "Autumn's Destiny".

Whiskers is Admiral Evil's sidekick. He does not take world domination seriously though, and has a sweet nature.

Bunny Ghost is a friendly spirit similar to Casper the Friendly Ghost. He peacefully haunts Field Mice Village.

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